College Class LawnCare.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often do people usually have their lawn cut?

Lawns that are healthy and fast growing are typically cut every week. Most lawns are cut every 10 days and dry or moss filled lawns are cut every two weeks. The typical lawn cutting season in Vancouver is March through November.

How often should I water my lawn?

Typically, the rainfall in Vancouver will be enough to water your lawn. However, in dry periods between June and September it is good to water your lawn at least once a week for 90 minutes in the early morning or evening.

What is the best way to maintain my lawn?

Aeration in the Spring complemented by a fertilizer program recommended by our lawn experts is the best way to keep your lawn healthy all year round.


How can you help me with my gardening, hedge trimming, and tree work?

We have trained gardening professionals who will meet with you and discuss the best program for your garden. We can take care of all your gardening needs and whether you need us a couple of times a year or every month we will take care of your garden in the best way possible.

My green bin isn't very big. Will you take my gardening refuse away?

Yes. Our disposal service is included in the gardening price and garden refuse will be taken to the City of Vancouver transfer station and used for city composting.


How will I be billed and when do I pay?

We will bill you every two months and ask if you would pay within 14 days. Payment is made by cheque payable to College Class Lawn Care. Our address is listed on the contact page.