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Lawn Services

We service the cities and districts listed above including downtown Vancouver. Most of our customers are serviced on a weekly, 10 day, or 14 day cycle and we also take care of vacation requests and one time clean-ups.

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Lawn Cutting

We use the best equipment money can buy and our lawn cutting teams are expertly trained to have your lawn looking its best. Our premium service includes edging around trees, sidewalks, and garden beds as well as blowing away any grass or leaves on your sidewalks.


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All healthy lawns have good soil, sufficient water, and quality nutrients supplied by fertilizers. Lawns that are not given proper care and attention are targets for moss, weeds, disease, and the chafer beetle.

Our fertilizers feed your lawn with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, each of which are essential to a healthy lawn. The phosphorous promotes root growth, nitrogen stimulates growth and potassium enhances the uptake of nutrients. We choose a high-grade slow-release fertilizer so that your lawn is fed over a 7 week period. Watering will make it work faster but there’s no need to water it in as the product we use won’t burn your lawn.

We have three fertilizer programs to chose from:

Full Meal Fertilizer Deal Moss Fighter Package Lawn Repair Package
Lime Lime Lime
Aeration Aeration Aeration
Spring Fertilizer Power Rake Power Rake
Summer Fertilizer Moss Control Moss Control
Fall Fertilizer Spring Fertilizer Spring Fertilizer
Summer Fertilizer Summer Fertilizer
Fall Fertilizer Fall Fertilizer
Top Dressing


Aeration is an excellent and inexpensive way to keep your lawn healthy. An Aerator removes cores of soil from you lawn allowing the roots of your lawn to have enhanced access to water and oxygen. Aeration is typically done in the Spring or Fall.

Power Raking

Power Raking helps remove dead moss and thatch. To keep moss and thatch under control, most lawns should be power raked every 2 - 3 years.

To do the most effective job possible, we typically power rake in one direction, collect the moss and thatch, and then power rake in the opposite direction.

Depending on the extent of moss and thatch we remove, your lawn may look a little the worse for wear after we leave. Surprisingly though, if we apply fertlizer the lawn rebounds in no time. If necessary, we can add topsoil and seed to fill in the bare spots.

Installation and Repair

Each year we do several new lawn installs and repairs.
In both cases, we'll apply the best topsoil available, level your lawn properly, and apply seed or sod depending on your preference.


grass seed
  • A more affordable option
  • Generally provides the best longer term results (fewer weeds, higher grade grass than sod)
  • Seeding allows us to be selective when choosing the best grass type for the soil & light conditions present.
  • Requires daily watering(misting) for 2 weeks to help aid germination
  • Takes approx. 4 - 6 weeks to fully grow


  • More expensive
  • Instant gratification
  • Can be difficult to know the exact quality of lawn you're receiving

Chafer Beetle

The European Chafer Beetle flys around town in the Summer and lay eggs in lawns. Typically, the Chafer chooses weaker lawns but not always. After the eggs are laid, racoons, skunks, and crows feast on the larva and to get at them, destroy your lawn in the process.


There are two ways to help prevent the Chafer Beetle from choosing your lawn as a nesting ground.

  • A mild pesticide that can only be applied by licensed gardening professionals
  • Approximately 95% effective
  • Product is applied July through early August. Pets and people should be off the lawn for approx. 48 hours until the merit has been watered in.
a chafer
Nematodes (Greener Option)
  • Natural Treatment
  • Approximately 60% effective
  • Microscopic roundworms are applied in late July. Nematodes infect chafer grubs with a bacteria which kills them.
  • Must be applied in the evening or on a cloudy day. Lawn requires thorough watering before and after treatment. We will provide you with a watering permit from the city to allow adequate watering.