College Class LawnCare.

Tree and Hedge

Our tree and hedge team are experts at bringing even the most overgrown properties back into shape.

We undertake jobs that some homeowners may find daunting such as chainsaw work, climbing tall ladders and obtaining tree removal permits (city hall!).

We have the equipment and experience to handle jobs both big and small whether it be stump grinding, tree removal, hedge trimming or fruit tree pruning to name a few.


Need trimmed 2 times per year. We are able to help finely trim an existing well cared for hedge or take on an overgrown out of control hedge row, plan with you the best end result and then tame it. So whether it's a laurel hedge a cedar hedge, a yew hedge, or a photenia hedge or any other variety we'd be happy to provide you an estimate for the work.

A man is cutting a edge


It's important to trim shrubs in season. Trimming them at the right time can give you a healthy vibrant plant, whereas trimming them at the wrong time may diminish any flowering that the shrub may have supposed to produce.

Tree work

We can remove trees, raise the canopy of branches for a different feel, prune trees to make a better shape, and help you use what you have to make your yard as wonderful as possible. We can even plant new trees for you.